Keep Keeping On!

I’ve just discovered Frasier Chorus, an English 80’s pop band from Brighton, England. They had no drummer, bassist or guitarist, and used flute, clarinet, bongos and ‘hush-hush’ vocals to create their dream-pop sound with backbeats and waves of synths. I listened to lots of different music back then (as I do now) but can’t say if I’d heard them before. That’s probably because only a couple of their songs including the genial-sounding yet sarcastic Dream Kitchen made it on  New Wave radio stations back then (remember “Brave New Waves”?). Until fairly recently, 80’s music annoyed me more than anything else. There is a large segment of people my age who stayed stuck on the 80’s and never moved on; I once broke up with a guy because (among other things) his soundtrack drove me nuts. All 80’s hits, bringing me right back to adolescence; a time in my life I’d sooner forgotten ever happened.

It seems like I’m ready to revisit those days with a fresh perspective now. Maybe because I’ve hit my 4th decade along with many others from my generation who are also revisiting that time in their lives—which might explain why everything 80’s is cool again—not least of all to the kids who weren’t around to experience it first-hand. Little by little, with a song here, a recovered memory there (however good or bad), I’m slowly making peace with that time in my life which until now had left me with painful scars (figuratively and literally). Let the healing keep keeping on!


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