Rants & Raves

I just finished expanding the “about me” page aka Hi, my name is Smiler. I found the inspiration to do so after visiting the blog of a person I will not link to for obvious reasons, who is clearly technically proficient with WordPress and volunteers on the support forum. I first noticed her because she really is ubiquitous and I was initially put off by what seemed like frequent snarky remarks and impatient replies to the newbies who usually populate help forums. I’ve come to the conclusion that she must not like people very much, and only contributes her brand of advice to gain maximum visibility for her own blog about all things WP. I was there searching for elusive answers, afraid to post a question and become her latest victim, then had to give up, “man up” (so to speak), and post my query. The answers came from various volunteers, including this person and this helped me move on, but with every step, new questions cropped up. After I’d posted a third question she said that I was “going around in circles” (i.e. wasting her time) and she wasn’t going to help me anymore. I would have left it at that but I still didn’t have my answer, so I wrote back and clearly explained why she had misunderstood my question and asking her or others for an answer. It’s been a couple of days, and response time is usually within the hour and still no reply. Because I knew I’d likely have to deal with her in future (or be actively ignored by her for all the wrong reasons) I sent her a thoughtful private message to try to reach common ground.

Before doing so, I read her “about me” page and found out that she is also dealing with a chronic condition which leaves her depleted much of the time. I deduced this might explain her terse coaching style, but was hopeful that I’d get through to her with my missive. To her credit, her profile was honest and direct, and thinking about my own whimsical, pithy resumé, decided it was time to change it to reflect my recent efforts online and in the “real” world to open up about issues that affect my life.

That’s the story behind my new profile, and methinks, an elegant way to surreptitiously post a rant about this woman who quickly sent me back my carefully crafted message with “return to sender” for a reply. Again, I should have just let it be, but “shoulds” don’t don’t do much for me lately, so my emailed response was:

At least now I know for sure my first impression was completely accurate.

What I sensibly left out and am dying to add is: and thanks for confirming you are in fact a complete bitch.

Rrrreowwww!!! ^,,^

Part Two (7:30 AM)

I couldn’t help myself. Had to get my point across so posted the following on the forum:

Dearest [screen name], I have just now posted a tribute to you on my blog. I thought you might be interested, or at least a little bit curious. Best regards.

As those who know me can attest, I can be the nicest person, but slights and unfair criticism bring out the worst in me.

Final note on the matter (7:46 AM)

After posting my rants, I just now went for a quick look at the Stumbleupon site, which I haven’t checked out in quite some time. I should have known this was coming… here is the page I landed on (from World of Inspiration):

“We should be too big to take offense
and too noble to give it” ~ Abraham Lincoln


“No one needs a smile as much as
a person who fails to give one.”

I guess I have my work cut out for me.
From Smiler, with Love. ;-)


6 thoughts on “Rants & Raves

  1. I’m very sorry you experience that from another WP.com member/volunteer. Please don’t let it affect you from getting help in the future from the forums. There are plenty of helpful volunteers that are eager to help out including my self when I can get the time to from my busy schedule.

    Forum Moderator,

    • Hi T3CK, I really appreciate your comment. I know better than to generalize about members & volunteers based on that one experience as I have mostly come across lots of helpful (and gentle) advice. I’m wondering how you landed on this post so quickly? As you know, I’m new to WP and curious to know about all the inner workings!

      p.s. I’ve bookmarked your site and will for sure visit soon!

      • HI Smiler, I was lurking in the forums to help new membrs and saw your reply in the thread so I clicked on your username to land on your site and saw this article and started reading it.

        I also have a couple tips for you to help you get started here at WP.com

        Tip 1: When on the main forum page if you click on your name you will be directed to a page that displays all the threads you have started as well as threads you have replied in. You can also access the same page by clicking on the Members link under name when viewing a thread. as well as linked names land you on the persons site in the forums.

        Tip 2: While viewing you’re dashboard you can click on the “My Comments” ink on the left navigation bar to see comments you have left on other WP.com Members blogs as well as any replies that have been left by other bloggers for that article.

        I also recommend checking out this great article for new WP.com members written by a very helpful forum volunteer.
        “Putting Out the Welcome Matt” http://wp.me/p1HLC-AN

        Thank you for bookmarking my site right now there hasn’t be any activity because I’ve been really busy and hope to kick off the new blog this fall. I have bookmarked your blog as well. = )

  2. Thanks for all the useful info t3ck. I’ve been using the forum a lot lately (as is probably normal at this stage) and so far have found it very useful. Sometimes I post queries in order to be pointed in the right direction and usually get replies very quickly. I’m really impressed with the WP.com platform so far. When I moved here from Blogger, I was debating whether I should self-host and use WP.org but opted for .com precisely because I knew there would be lots of support options. For this blog, I’m content to stay right here. But for createthreesixty5.com it is very likely I will eventually self-host to have more freedom in terms of site layout, widgets, links, page flow and so on. Am I wrong to assume that in that case I’ll be more or less on my own?

    As an aside, I had no idea when I posted that short message on the forum that I would get all this traffic! Mind you, after making the URL switch to my own domain and losing my google page rank & technorati authority it’s slowed down to a crawl but I know it’s just a question of time before visitors are trampling all over the place! :-)

    FYI, the first step is bookmarking. Once I’ve read a blog and liked it/found it useful, I’ll gladly commit to adding it to my blogroll (that’s like a second date, so to speak! lol).


  3. the best part about laughing at yourself first, is: you’re then allowed to laugh at others, as much as you like. But you still have to laugh at yourself first, and that’s the toughest part, sometimes. Oh well… bisous.

  4. I am a newbie here at WP too and have had similar experiences with the forum and then some widget sales guy. We exchanged several emails back and forth one night at 1am. He was a total jerk. Just because I am not code versed, I think that causes an issue with techies who manage the forums and field our questions. I would love to know exactly how you were able to redirect your blog because I can’t seem to figure it out myself.

    Glad I found your blog! I am commiserating with your blog woes. But happy to see you got yours going!

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