Case in Point

Here’s what’s going through my mind as I brush my teeth, exhausted from a too-long day after a manic weekend:

I’m too self-critical. I should really stop with the self-criticism already. My life would be so much better without it. It’s probably my worst habit. Maybe if I was less self-critical I’d be happier, no? Why do I have to keep criticizing myself? It’s just silly. Yes, I must stop doing that. Then I’ll be perfect. Well not quite because lord knows I have a lot of work to do on myself but… almost perfect. Which is not great, but good enough. I guess.



4 thoughts on “Case in Point

  1. You could interrupt the criticizer with: Excuse me? Wrong head. I’m perfect. (It’s a variation on how to interrupt a phone sollicitation for photo-voltaic roof panels. That one goes: Excuse me? Wrong house. I don’t have a roof (no, actually, I say: Excuse me? I’m just a tenant here. Come to think of it, that might also work with the criticizer.) xxx

  2. :-)

    The idea is to learn to live with and love one’s inner critic? To always reject the possibility of self criticism ever being too much or too little or too harsh or too kind; to always accept it as being just right and just perfect and just on time and just. Never strive for perfectionism in self criticism. Instead, trust the inner critic’s eternal internal perfection to always do perfectly what inner critics do best, the undermining of self confidence.

    My inner critic tells me to stop being egotistical. I never listen.


    • The inner critic is very useful. If it weren’t for the inner critic we’d all be walking around with overinflated egos. The inner critic keeps the planet from being overpopulated with a-holes like that. Isn’t that awesome?!

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