Harder than finding a boyfriend?

This dog search business is taking a toll on me. I thought finding a dog would be easier than finding a decent boyfriend—something I gave up on quite some time ago—but apparently not. I’ve applied to countless rescue organizations. They all discriminate against people living in apartments because barking is often an issue and lots of people who rent apparently leave their pets behind when they move and are unable to find places that accept animals. It pisses me off that there is this perception that homeowners are that much more responsible. Perhaps it’s statistically true, but I doubt you could generalize to the point of saying that homeowners are more caring or animals friendly. That’s like saying that homeowners make better parents… With so many animals abandoned each day and in desperate need of good homes, why is it so hard to adopt one? There’s no question I want a rescue animal, but it certainly isn’t the easiest alternative. I wish more people rescued pets too, but if it’s this difficult, no wonder pet shops and breeders are still the first alternative for most.

I finally got a call from Animatch yesterday, a very reputable organization that places homeless pets with the best possible homes. They say they don’t often place pets in apartments, but they may have two dog possibilities for me (i.e. not excessive barkers). I was thrilled when they called me. Was just finishing up at my painting studio class and about to make my way home. But I’ve been overexcited lately and for various reasons, ended up in a mess of tears, stranded in the middle of nowhere on my walk home and had to call a cab because I was sobbing so hard I could barely put one foot in front of the other. I took one of my PRN chill pills (i.e. high dosage of mood stabilizer taken when needed) which took immediate effect as soon as I got here, but also left me groggy and exhausted ever since. The rescue organization is now asking that I get a signature from my landlords attesting that they have agreed to me adopting a dog. Trouble is, my landlords only agree on the condition that we have a trial period first. I’ve written the good people at Animatch what I hope is a good explanatory letter as to why I can’t supply them with that signed document. If it all works out, great. If not, I guess I’ll have no choice but to adopt another cat and embrace the fact, once and for all, that old maids aren’t meant to have boyfriends or dogs. I know that may seem like a redundant statement in more ways than one, but so be it.

Pictured above: Tino and Stella, to Animatch adoptees that may be good matches for me. Photos by David.


10 thoughts on “Harder than finding a boyfriend?

    • That’s why I like saying it. It’s meant to be kind of tongue-in-cheek precisely because that’s the image that comes to my mind too when I think “old maid”. xoxo

  1. Hope this dog search don’t get you stressed ; you have already enough administrative reasons to feel low with energy . I suggest you look into alternative ways to get a dog if you like to avoid the frustration and loss of energy xxx

  2. “Old maid”!?! Hardly.

    I agree with you, though, that animal adoptions have become something Kafka-esque.

    All that’s needed is a loving heart and a lovelorn soul.

    • Jonas: I sometimes think all of life is Kafka-esque. It’s just that until Kafka came along, we used other words to describe it I guess. ;-)

    • “All that’s needed is a loving heart and a lovelorn soul.”

      Funny how I used to think these qualities would lead me to finding my soul-mate. Now my soul-mate search has been narrowed down to canines. I honestly thought I had better chances with that but so far… niet. Heh. You can’t hurry love, and that’s a fact. ;-)

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