A Little Furball of Love Called X

So right away you’re asking where’s the picture, right? And so you should. I’m really kicking myself. I was just so caught up in the moment while I was out there spending time with the dogs that I forgot everything about Smiler, the blogger, and became one mushy ball of blubbering puppy-loving. I did publish a picture of him in a previous post, but he now looks like a whole new pup with his freshly cropped duds and totally adorable.

As all happy stories go… there’s not much to tell really. We went, we met a couple of dogs, I was torn, but then couldn’t resist the charms of the one currently known as “Tino”. He’s a seven-year-old toy poodle and slightly smaller than my cats. He was found erring the streets so there’s no background info on him. He’s a fun-loving clever little pup, full of vim and vigour and eager to please. I took him out for a walk on the leash and he was a charm and even seemed to follow simple commands. Then when I held him in my arms for a good 15 minutes as we were chatting with the founder of Animatch (the shelter that matched me up with the dog), and found him sinking into me and almost purring as I gently stroked him, the deal was clinched. It did help that he was totally cool and unperturbed around the resident “test” cat. My biggest challenge will be to NOT over-spoil him to make sure he doesn’t develop separation-anxiety and all the attending problems. I’m sure there’ll be other surprises in store, but that’s just part of the fun. I had to leave him there for now since he’s getting fixed and they’ll be working on his teeth, but he’ll be ready for me to pick him up in just a week (at which point I won’t forget to take plenty of pics!). That gives me just enough time to spend on extra bonding with the kittens before their whole world, and mine, gets completely made over. I’m already thinking of getting a bike with a cute little basket fitted in front so we can ride around to do errands together. A match made in heaven. In the meantime, I’m looking for names. Since I already have an Ezra and a Mimi, I’d like a name ending in “o”. Preferably an unusual one. Suggestions welcome.

6 thoughts on “A Little Furball of Love Called X

  1. had lunch at milo’s (amsterdam) last monday: wonderfull!
    but i suggest ‘dino’, since that’s always been a favorite name of mine for a future boyfriend ;-)

    so a dog it’s going to be huh….
    hope he’ll make you happy!

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