Just a Teaser

The only reason I was able to narrow down the selection to 1% of this shoot
is because I made another project with all the others I couldn’t edit out… find
it on createthreesixty5.com and feel free to share! :-)
Oh… and mum… enjoy! xoxo

Photos by Smiler


5 thoughts on “Just a Teaser

  1. OMG Ilana, those photos are so amazing! Would you give me permission to post one (or three) on my work blog? If so, can you indicate what you’d like me to put for credits? If you’d rather not, that’s totally fine. They are just superb

    xo F

    • Just checking here, but is this the F I know and am related to? Feel free to use any photos of mine you like on this site. For credit you can write “Photos by Smiler” or my full name and I’d really appreciate if you linked to either this site or to createthreesixty5.com (your choice). Thanks for the great compliments, I’m glad you like them so much… I’d be curious to see them on your blog too!

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