Name Suggestions for my Rescue Dog

Well, only 3 or 4 days to go till I bring my rescue Toy Poodle home and I’ve gotten quite a few name suggestions already! The only criteria I gave is that it has to end in “o”, but that’s not an obligation either. I didn’t want to offend anyone so I left out the fact that I’m not crazy about Italian names ending in “o” which is why I’m not keeping Tino, so there won’t be a Dino either, but fyi Marilou, if I find a man by that name, I’ll pass on your coordinates! There are quite a few that I like; my favourites so far are bolded and underlined but I’m not set on any one in particular. I’m open to whimsical “made up” names too, or names that are unusual for pets and people. I also have a penchant for great-grandfather-type names that sound so serious they’re funny.

Here’s the selection so far:

  • Boris
  • Bravo
  • Caillou (or Kayou)
  • Coco
  • Dexter
  • Dino
  • Eeeee-orrrrr
  • Ernest (for Hemingway)
  • Eugene
  • Fredo
  • Ganesh (Remover of Obstacles, Lord of Beginnings, patron of arts and sciences)
  • Gelato
  • Gustav (for Gustav Klimt)
  • Hippo
  • Hugo
  • Iago
  • I’ll Think Of Something (just kidding!)
  • Jasper (for Jasper Johns, one of my faves)
  • Kazimodo
  • Keemo
  • Kozo
  • Kuvido
  • Lolo
  • Luther
  • Malik (‘King’ in Arabic)
  • Meemo (like it but too close to Mimi)
  • Miko (as in frozen ice-cream treats in France)
  • Milo (came up a lot. I like it, but brings back bad memories)
  • Misha (love it but too close to Mimi and Ezra)
  • Otto
  • Picco (short for Piccolo or Picasso)
  • Popo
  • Rockwell
  • Shiva
  • Toto
  • Vico (Italian thinker)
  • Warhol (for Andy Warhol)
  • Winston (for Churchill)
  • Wolfgang (or Woolfie for short)
  • Yellow
  • Zolo
  • Zulu (or Zooloo)

5 thoughts on “Name Suggestions for my Rescue Dog

  1. Thanks guys… I have quite a selection at this point, so I think I’ll give myself 1-2 days to test my favourites out on him when he gets here and settle on the one that suits him best at that point.

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