Bringing Puppy Home

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He’s fast asleep in what used to be the cat bed. Mimi is lying across the room observing him intently—she’s approaching him right now… very very slowly…

She hissed and made to attack when he first walked through the door earlier today. He didn’t seem too perturbed. They warned me at Animatch that he might yelp quite a bit when trying to handle him, partly out of nerves and partly because he’s a diva. In fact, he was calm from the moment we picked him up K and I, then during the 30 minute drive back to town during which I took a bunch of pics, then sitting on my lap as I was trimming his ears on my balcony, then as I cleaned around his eyes where the fur was all matted. All without a peep. He’s been tethered to me since we got home. When he’s not tied to me, I put him in his cage for now. He wined a little bit the first time I put him there, but nothing too serious and he stopped when he realized I was ignoring him (not easy to do considering what a cutie he is, but necessary). That’s how it’ll be for the next few days to make sure he doesn’t try marking and also to protect him from the cats if need be.

Mimi is right next to the bed now… and now backing up again, sitting down and staring at him from a few feet away. She’s trying to figure out what kind of creature he is. He’s oblivious to it all and fast asleep.

We’ve gone for a couple of walks already. We met a lot of kids and he was calm as can be and wagging his tail when they came up to pet him. I have to help him up the stairs outside since you can see through them and it makes him nervous. I’ll be taking him out again as soon as he wakes up. I’ve been calling him Coco today. Not to say that’s my final decision because “Coco” is a term of endearment in French, much like “sweetie”, but then again, it suits him. We’ll just take it as it comes for now. So far, so great.

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6 thoughts on “Bringing Puppy Home

  1. Such a cutie pie , like a little lamb , and as i was uttering this thought my mind went to the drawings of the sheep by Antoine De Saint-Exupery in his book The little Prince , so i stretched my hand , piked up and opened the book , and what do you know ; the book mark was just on the page where the author is trying to do three drawings of a sheep as requested by the little Prince…

    • How very touching. I clipped the fur on his ears precisely so he’d look more like a lamb than a stereotypical Poodle. It suits him better; he’s so sweet and so gentle… Catch you on skype soon.

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