The Cove

I sign every petition they send my way. I leave comments pleading those who are in positions to do something to stop the killing. I donate money when I can. But until tonight I thought my involvement shouldn’t extend to actually viewing the documentary The Cove, because I knew it would upset me too much, but the truth is MORE people need to see it. Tonight I just watched the last half hour of it and I’m crying my eyes out. Seeing those waters crimson red with blood and those ignorant Japanese fishermen honestly believing they’re doing their country a service by ridding the waters of what they call a “predator”… because that’s what they’ve convinced their people that the dolphins and whales are—the International Whaling Commission says the fish are scarce because these whales and dolphins eat too many of them—NOT because there is overfishing in all the world’s seas and oceans, no. And because of this lie, they slaughter thousands of these creatures at a time in all impunity, entire communities of them just annihilated. Doesn’t make sense. I feel so powerless to stop the murdering. We murder animals the same way we eliminate human beings. Just because we can. Makes me ashamed to be from the same species. Because the truth is WE are the ultimate predators. Sometimes I think it won’t be soon enough before we extinguish ourselves. Because the sooner humanity leaves this planet, the better chances it, and the creatures who have just as much right to live on it, have any chances of surviving. I still hold on to a shred of hope that we’ll somehow evolve and realize the holocaust we keep perpetuating on the inhabitants of this planet must end for good, and actually take steps to make it so.

I think about these things much too often. Not very cheerful thought to go to sleep with. Don’t write about them much because I don’t want to sound preachy. But please, if you can do anything at all to help the cause, to help save ourselves and nature from our own ignorance, then do it. Every little bit helps. That’s what I keep telling myself to make it all more acceptable. Until I figure out what more I can do with my limited resources to actually make a difference.


5 thoughts on “The Cove

  1. I know what you mean about “The Cove.” Didn’t it win an Oscar? (I know it was nominated).

    There was this moment in time (years ago)…when I was wading knee-deep in the water in Calabogie Sound (off Hilton Head Island)…when a dolphin and her offspring brushed past my leg in friendship/curiosity.

    That moment changed me in ways I can’t express.

    I felt sanctified.

    Watching “The Cove” leaves me feeling the exact opposite.

  2. In an interview, Jacques Perrin who produced “Microcosmos”, “Le peuple voyageur (and more recently “Océan”) once said:”People take care of what they love. I produce movies that make me want to protect those things I love.” Sounds like plan to me – whether in making films, books, paintings or anything else. It doesn’t mean treating only the nice and bright side of things. But it does mean choosing where you place the focus. neshikot.

  3. I know exactly how you feel but part of me also is hopeful. There are many many many people who feel the same way as you and I do and we can do something. We can keep the petitions going, we cna write letters to our Governments asking them to bring pressure to bear, we can support organisations that are trying to put a stop to the barbaric slaughter, we can encourage people not to go to Japan (It is somewhere I would like to go for it’s natural beauty but I will not go while this continues) and we can spread the word so that others may also act. Some people also go several steps further and join the Sea Shepherd:!/group.php?gid=2235468991

    Your big heart does you credit as does your passion.

  4. Thanks Bobkat. I went ahead and joined Sea Shepherd on Facebook and I gladly sign any petition for a good cause that is sent my way. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.

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