Clever and Spooky

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For many years now, this derelict van has been parked in front of a hangar on my street. At nighttime, I’ve often had the spooky impression someone was sitting in it and staring at me, and a quick peek always revealed it to be empty—so imagine my surprise when I peered at the passenger window one day to find the mannequin sitting there—I fairly jumped out of my skin! I decided to photograph it recently when the owner of the van showed up. He was amused by my picture-taking and when asked about the strange passenger, Mikael explained that as a wholesaler he uses the van to transport merchandise and that it’s an effective anti-theft device. He showed me his hangar filled to the brim with—among other things—as-seen of TV shammies. We had a little chat and found out we’ve been neighbours for nearly a decade and I ended up getting a free shammy out of it. Now the van is more amusing than spooky to me, proving, once again that we only fear that which we don’t understand.

Pics by Smiler


2 thoughts on “Clever and Spooky

  1. I particularly love the close-up photograph of the van window, the mannequin, plus the reflection of M and his hanger. The mystery now, can M get the sham-wow TV guy, to show-up in one of your series photographs? I hope Canada gets the same guy we do, he’s a classic New Yorker.

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