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It’s been raining quite a bit the past couple of days. I don’t mind the rain and Coco hardly seems to notice it, so of course this weather has been perfect to break in Coco’s new booties. He was walking funny when I had him try them on at home which gave me a good laugh, but pretty soon he was trotting around like an old pro. I never thought I’d be one of these people who dresses up a small dog (or a dog of any size, come to think of it), but there you have it, the temptation is just too strong to resist!

In other Coco-related news, I got myself a new bicycle last week and outfitted it with a basket so doggie and me can enjoy rides together. It’s so much fun and Coco looks like he’s done it before, though of course I can’t help but worry about the bike getting stolen (bike theft is really bad in Montreal) or that I’ll stumble on a rock and that we’ll both go flying. Guess I’ll have to shop around for a bike helmet for the little one. I wonder if they make them that small?

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9 thoughts on “Booties

  1. Lovely booties on Coco , and as for helmet , you probably need a helmet , especially when you have a fear of accident . in all i am happy to see you blog after some days and more so that Coco is managing to get you out and even away from computer xxx

    • I got a helmet for myself at the same time as the bike since they’re required by law here now. What I was wondering about was whether I could find one for Coco! Maybe if I do a search on the internet? Will let you know how that goes. xx

    • If Coco REALLY feels he needs to make a political statement, that’s up to him, but if he takes after his mom, chances are he’ll be keeping his opinion to himself on that particular matter. ;-) xx

  2. Ilana, I needed to find a comment place, to compliment you on your header painting. The wonderful image, is so connected to your serendipity saying. I will enjoy your sites, and let you know my thoughts as I navigate your words and images.

  3. For some reason, my 32-bit browser would not upload your booties photos, but the 64-bit browser did. Sweet little guy, Coco. As “dad’ to four rescue cats, the doses of laughs and happy, keep on coming. Each with their own personalities. I did laugh when I first saw Coco with the booties. Sweet! Are those Air Jordans? :-) I know what you are saying, never knew you would be a dog dresser, and I never knew I would appreciate a dressed dog. But laughter and warmth from affection, is worth the price of admission to, who knew! ;-)

    • I have two cats as well, both rescues in their own way. Mimi I got from the SPCA on September 11th 2008 and she is a true joy to have around. Ezra (aka Fritz) came from a store because I was too weak that time to face all the needy cats at the shelter… serves me right for making that truly bad decision because turns out he has an inappropriate urination problem that’s been going on for years now and for which there is no satisfactory cure. I’ve committed to keep him through the worst of it and I know most people would NOT put up with that. Such cases probably get put down fairly quickly in kill shelters, and that is simply not an option I am willing to live with, though I admit he regularly tests the limits of my patience.

      If you enjoyed the “Air Jordans” on Coco, wait until fall comes—I doubt I’ll be able to resist outfitting him in cool little sweaters… and by winter-time insulated booties and a proper coat won’t be just a fashion statement—they’ll be necessary to keep Coco from becoming a dogsicle! :-)

  4. P.S.,

    I like my avatar, your site assigned to me. The little “green” heart. I do recycle, and as a somewhat eccentric artist, the green heart is all good. For me, the city limmits of eccentric, is knowing that stilletos don’t suit my look.

    • fyi, the avatars are assigned randomly by WP. There are more “plain” avatar styles available, but I thought the little monsters had a charming look!

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