5 thoughts on “On Gain

  1. Very true. It’s easy to lose sight of this sometimes in the hubbub of everyday life sometimes.

    Hope you are well. I haven’t had any energy or time for blogging lately. Keeping up on Facebook is about all I have been able to manage.

    • I’ve pulled away from FB lately because have found that the time and energy I was putting into it could probably be better used towards doing other things. But I do “get” that it’s a very convenient way to stay in touch with lots of people at once. Sometimes I wonder though… the more convenient… the less meaningful maybe? Just a rhetorical question. Hope you are well too. xx

    • John: I’ve only just recently discovered the joy of orchids myself. I always thought they were too expensive and too hard to care for until I found some inexpensive ones at the florist and decided to give it a try. The first one bloomed for several months and I have now cut it down and hoping it will come in bloom again eventually. Now I’m onto my second one and feeling more confident already. It’s amazing how easy they are to keep around once you know the simple do’s and dont’s.

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