Necessary Changes (la suite)

In Necessary Changes (Part 1), I addressed changes needed on a global scale. For part 2, I was going to segue into something along the lines of “but as we all know, true change always begins on an individual level” and then ramble on about all the changes I need to make in my personal life so I can become a better citizen of the world. Screw that. I can try to be a saint in the next life. For now, here are a just five changes to my current routine which may help me to start liking myself just a little bit more (because heaven can wait):

1. Listen to more music; silence may be golden, but music is better than some of the stupid thoughts that rattle around my brain night and day.

2. Get back into yoga; because NOT doing yoga makes things that much more difficult (even just 5 minutes counts).

3. Breathe (i.e. fill lungs to capacity) every day; tends to make everything that much easier.

4. Do fun stuff, possibly even slightly crazy stuff (but not too) as often as possible.

5. Count my blessings and don’t believe the voices that say I don’t deserve better (and when they start acting up, see 1-4).


2 thoughts on “Necessary Changes (la suite)

  1. That sounds like an excellent list and of course you deserve good things. Mind you the voices say similar things to me and appear to have set up residence at the moment. Damn noisy things make the rest of life seem that much more difficult. Music might just be a good move. And turn it up to 11 in case they get to noisy!

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