Blogging Blues

I’ve been meaning to post here more often, I really have, but I just don’t seem to have much to say these days and whenever I do, something else comes up and distracts me and then the mood just isn’t right anymore. And so the days go by…

Today for instance, I had good intentions. I even did a bit of research for visuals, took a few snaps and was going to write a fun little entry. Then I decided it might be a good idea to call up the school of visual arts to make sure there’s still room in the classes I want to sign up for during the fall term, even though registration started just a week ago. As it is I can’t really afford to take more classes, but after these couple of months where very little seems to interest me, it seems like I can’t afford NOT to. Imagine my dismay, sadness and surprise when I found out that one of my favourite teachers won’t be teaching the Drawing 2 class I wanted to take since she’s left the centre to take on a full-time job at a private girl’s school (oh the horror of it!) and another class I wanted to take (Watercolours 2) is already full! I was so looking forward to those two classes and now I’m completely deflated. So much for that lighthearted post I had in mind. Good thing Coco doesn’t mind my moods.


6 thoughts on “Blogging Blues

    • I know what you mean about detours. I had a brief moment of inner wisdom when I told myself that too, but then again I’m in deep PMS mode so I ended up seeing my whole life as a long list of failures and “misses”. I’ll be better in a few days. xx

    • I’m seeing everything in a much darker light this week, but I’m sure there are other teachers and classes that will be just great. Plus I was told for the watercolour class that they would try to make room for me so it’s really not all bad.

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