Is Gay Marriage the Way to Go?

The Wedding Couple, after Abbot Handerson Thayer and Richard E. Miller

According the New York Times, Judge Vaughn R. Walker—a California federal district judge—lifted a stay on his decision on same-sex marriage today, though he delayed implementation of the order until Aug. 18. I’m betting August 18th 2010 will be featured in the Guinness World Records as the day with the highest number of gay weddings of all time. [Edit: as it turns out, that prediction was not to come to pass after all…]

Those closest to me know that my deepest darkest secret most cherished dream has always been to get married to the love of my life someday. As a matter of fact, there was a time when I kept Penthouse and Playboy magazines on the coffee table as a testament to my open-mindedness and liberal stance, but hid Martha Stewart Weddings under the bed for fear anyone find out how traditional I actually am. In light of this, I’m thinking maybe I should rethink my whole outlook on romance. I’ve long ago established that I want to marry a man, but then again, my odds would probably be better if I chose to give the gals a chance too. How knows? If the gods of love decide to smile upon me and I get my timing right… I too could be wedded on August 18th! And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve already got my wedding dress picked out (see below)!

Painting: The Wedding Couple, after Abbot Handerson Thayer and Richard E. Miller by Mike Licht,

4 thoughts on “Is Gay Marriage the Way to Go?

  1. Many happy returns to the bride and bride. But I couldn’t help wondering: when all of the same-sex marriages get beyond the wedding day pics, how will the first reported same-sex Kramer vs Kramer play out both in real life and in the media coverage? (Lovely dress.) xxx

    • It’s so nice to hear from you. I went to visit your site and was pretty sure it was you but also had to dig through MY email to make sure I had the right person. It’s nice to be in touch again. xx

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