Mimi Watch The Stars

Mimi & the Stars
(I posted this image on the C365 blog as well, so I hope you’ll forgive me for the cross-posting… I figure the extra yammering makes it worth the double-take…)

Just so you know, I’ve not only been neglecting this blog, but I’ve also been staying away from createthreesixty5.com. That way, nobody gets jealous of me favouring the one over the other. Because let’s face it, doing anything at all these days is just too much work; I blame it on constant migraines and attendant low spirits. Excuses excuses, I know. Today is no exception and the throbbing pain is very much present but I somehow managed to get enough motivation to participate in Illustration Friday, something I hadn’t done in much too long. Every day I tell myself I’ll draw or paint something. This time I’m very proud that I actually followed through since I promised myself that by hook or by crook I would contribute something to IF this week.

I had every intention of illustrating this image with ink and watercolours, but since I started working on my submission at the very last minute, I thought it would be faster to do a photo-illustration on Photoshop instead. It wasn’t exactly a breeze since my knowledge of Photoshop is mostly limited to photo retouching and colour-correcting, but had I taken out my paints and brushes, I would have still been at it by the week-end, and I would have missed the boat on the Star Gazing theme, which would have been a shame. I think this theme especially inspired me because stargazing is something I very much miss doing—there are very few stars visible in the city, even on a clear night. To me, the idea of stargazing also evokes fresh country air, so altogether, it’s not a bad concept to be dwelling on.

Photo-Illustration and original pic by Smiler.

p.s. the title for this post is inspired by this song by Air. For more of my past IF submissions, click here.


13 thoughts on “Mimi Watch The Stars

    • Feel free to use it however you wish sweetie. As for the migraines, at this point I wonder if I’d even feel like myself anymore if they suddenly went away for good! ;-)

    • “I love that you did it, “malgré tout””
      Me too.

      I’m surprised that you didn’t comment how funny/silly Mimi looks. She was sat like that for quite a while one day while cleaning herself and I thought it was the funniest thing ever! Bless her feline heart, she makes me smile every day. xoxo

  1. I’ve looked back at a few of your earlier posts. If you’ve been neglecting your blog, I’ve obviously locked mine in the closet and forgotten about it. Like you, I keep meaning to make more posts, but the day is done and the blog has remained untouched much too often. I enjoy your pictures. I particularly liked your post about marriage. I had never considered it quiet that way. =) Hope the migraines let up for you. It’s been years since I had to deal with them, but the memory lingers on.

    • Nice hearing from you! I feel especially guilty about not feeding the blog since it’s one of the few ways for me to reach out to friends and family, but I count on the fact that they are understanding about me feeling less communicative (or so I hope).

      Re: migraines: I have to deal with some sort of pain on a daily basis and I only mention them when they get especially disturbing. The rest of the time I seem to be in a sort of stupor which I only found out recently is actually linked with the migraine state (like feeling enclosed in a bubble for instance… I thought it was just me!). I never knew before that there are many other manifestations of migraine aside from the obvious headaches. Here’s to good health to us both. xx

  2. Lovely (anything with Mimi on it beautiful anyway!).

    I am sorry about the migraines. I share your pain and have had far more than my fair share lately. Sorry I haven’t been around much but I too have not been myself. Sending you hugs and positive thoughts though.

    • You need not apologize to me. Especially not to me, considering I’m not exactly reliable as far as staying in touch. I’m just glad when I DO hear from you. Mimi and Coco are often vying for top place in my heart, but of course there’s plenty of space there for all three of my kids (Fritz just doesn’t bother to make an effort most of the time).

  3. It’s gorgeous! And i thoroughly understand about the headaches and fatigue. It has only been within the last month that my creative stasis has been dissolved. It’s so very nice to hear your voice again.

    • Here’s a big HURRAY to the dissolution of your creative stasis!!! Every day I feel hugely guilty about not DOING things creative. I guess I’m not over feeling that I’m not allowed to do enjoyable things because… god forbid I should actually ENJOY myself. Ugh. It comes and it goes, but I look forward to another breakthrough… do you know what brought that about in your case?

      • 1) A divorce.
        2) The decision that I deserved 20 minutes a day for just me, and that has come in the form of writing.

        Since those two things, the floodgates have sprung wide open and there just seems to be no stopping it for me now. I hope that there is a catalyst that can provoke the same for you.

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