Good News

I got a call from the VAC (Visual Arts Centre) yesterday, telling me that they’ve made room for me in the Advanced Watercolours class which had filled up in the first week of registration. I was positively elated. I simply love Elisabeth G, the teacher, who also happens to be the head of the Fine Arts department. She’s a beautiful person and I feel her approach to teaching is perfectly in line with my need to explore greater creativity. The fact that she’s managed to stay passionate about her art and about teaching it for (nearly? over?) thirty years is positively inspiring. For these reasons, her classes are very popular so they’ve presumably moved the course into a larger studio this session, and I’m sure there are several others who are happy about this turn of events too.

This summer has been a rather… dry season for me in terms of creative output. Now that I’ve signed up to three classes starting in late September (aforementioned Watercolours class, Advanced Drawing and another round of Jewellery Fundamentals), I have great hopes that this fall will bring about that much-needed flow.

7 thoughts on “Good News

    • “This means we get to see more brilliant work from you, right?”

      You’re right actually. Taking classes will mean I’ll inevitable produce work so there’s a good chance I’ll be posting at least some of it here and there. xx

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