The Workshop Beckons



I made this series of small bowls over this past year, during several visits to the workshop at the Allan Memorial institute. They’re rough and unsophisticated and may as well have been made by a child, but that’s what I like about them. The one on top left was the first one I made around this time last year while I was still attending the day program. I had fun playing around with the clay and just enjoying the process, which at the time felt like a whole new approach to making things, so I’m a little bit attached to it as it somehow represents a newfound freedom: one where the joy of making things isn’t hindered by the pressure of worrying whether the final result will be “up to par” or not.

I was very keen on this mold I used with the first one, and had visions of dozens and dozens of these bowls, each with it’s own particular quirks, in a rainbow of colour combinations. So of course I jumped at the chance when I was invited to spend some time at the workshop this spring to make a couple more. In fact, I enjoy the atmosphere of that workshop so much that I had talked about possibly volunteering there maybe once a week. It seems like the idea took and I will now be acting as the “artist in residence”, which is the title they concocted for me, the idea being that I’ll come in during workshop sessions on Wednesdays to share my passion for making things, along with whatever knowledge I can transmit, and encourage participants to try new things. Art has been the best kind of therapy for me and I’m all too happy to help others discover this for themselves.

This post is long overdue because it’s been my intention for many months to show these bowls so that my mum can choose one so I can send it to her in France as a now very belated birthday gift (if she wants one of course). So there you go mum. You choose, I send, with love.

Bowls & pics by Smiler


7 thoughts on “The Workshop Beckons

  1. They’re beautiful, and not childish at all. I see unique and original pieces with this sort of artistic license go for outrageous amounts of money at the Nicolaysen Art Festival every Summer in Casper. It’d be a ball for you to come down here and see it one of these days!

  2. Hi Smiler. It seems that like me, you haven’t been around much in the blogging world either. It seems like you have some great things going on though and that is fantastic news. ‘Artist in Residence’ is such a fab title and I just know that the folks at the workshops will benefit from your knowledge and enthusiasm for art. Congratulations!

    I love the little bowls. They have a very organic feel to them.

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