Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada today and of course what better day to count one’s blessings? Here are just a few things for which I’m grateful right now:

My three kids, Ezra, Mimi and Coco who provide companionship and comfort.

Having my dad living just a few blocks away so I can call and say: I just made a batch of yummy cookies, but not feeling very well today so how about you come over for a quick tea and then I’ll send you home with homemade sweets?

The beautiful, sunny, blue-skyed, orange-leaved day we’re having.

The walk I had with Coco earlier who, when I take him off his leash in a large grassy area, like to run circles around me and make me laugh, and when I do, starts spinning like a top and barking with joy.

The smell of baking in the house. So homey.

Feeling well enough to believe that everything IS and WILL BE ok.

Having the desire to do things. Like walking outside, baking, making jewelry, volunteering, drawing and painting and yes, even blogging.

Again (yes I know I’m repeating myself, kinda) having Coco, Ezra and Mimi nearby who make me smile just because they exist.

LibraryThing and BookMooch, which provide me with hours of fun; to organize and re-organize my virtual library (an real obsession of late), read and write reviews, look at what other people are reading, continually expand my wishlist (now at just under 500 books) and trade books with other fellow readers.

My figure, which I’m finally happy with. I may not fit into my supper skinny jeans again, but I’m okay with that. Doesn’t hurt that just a few short walks a day helped shed a few unwanted pounds and stay that way even though I eat whatever I feel like and give in to temptation plenty.

Discovering that I CAN in fact keep plants alive, as long as they’re the sort who don’t mind being ignored for long periods of time (more about that in an upcoming
blog post).

Pics by Smiler via iPhone


7 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

    • Thanks for the good wishes. It comes and goes. Usually within the same hour. Sometimes within the same minute. But I grab onto whatever bits and bobs that come around. xoxo

    • So far I’m managing to keep all my animals and most of my plants alive. I take that to be a good sign even thought they all are a rather low maintenance bunch. I don’t think kids would be quite as tolerant somehow…

    • This time of year for some reason is a period of intense baking. Mostly apple crumb and oatmeal cookies which I feast on for days forgoing all other food. Good thing I don’t use much sugar and put in plenty of good stuff like flax seeds and loving! xx

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