Sweater Boy

With the first snow upon us tonight, it was high time I started looking around for some cold weather apparel for Coco. I grabbed a few things at the store and decided to try them on at home so we’d both be relaxed in the process. I was fumbling a little, but Coco obviously has plenty of experience when it comes to playing dress-up and he took it pretty well. So well in fact that I’m kicking myself now for not having gotten him a Halloween costume so we can go trick-or-treating tomorrow. I’m sure he’d steal the show too. But then, I’m not that keen on Halloween and I’ve decided Coco isn’t either, especially when it’s cold and wet as it usually is in these parts on October 31st, which really makes me think we Canadians should have our own Halloween date maybe a month earlier so that kids don’t have to walk around either freezing their butts off or wearing coats over their carefully chosen costumes (been there and it’s a major drag).

Here are our sweater options:

Navy turtleneck knit

Red turtleneck knit (2 for 1 with the navy). Nice but maybe a bit too long?

Black fleece hoodie (lined with extra layer of fleece for added warmth)

Blue camo hoodie (big & baggy to go with his tough guy image)

Brown hoodie with peace sign


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