handmade cute stuff

While we’re on the topic of absurdly cute furballs playing dress-up (see last two previous posts)… My daily email from etsy.com today featured the lovely photo of this pretty kitty in a bear pet hat (top). I followed the link to a shop called xmoonbloom; handmade cute stuff, where I stole the other photos of some of the crocheted hats she makes for pets. These beautiful photos brightened up an already sunny day and will no doubt do wonders when the greyness sets in again. For more ridiculously adorable crochet stuff that makes my heart sing, click here to have a look.


8 thoughts on “handmade cute stuff

  1. I needs me a coupla crocheted caps like that! I do have me a “teddy bear” hat gifted to me by my best friend. I wear it at times…when winter rages fearsome…to elicit giggles from strangers. Good for them. Even better for me.

    • You know Jonas, I’m sure if you asked the nice lady from xmoonbloom she’d probably agree to make a hat in your size… the blue frog might garner you quite a few extra giggles! ;-)

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