Things that make me very happy

My very talented and very good friend Kimmy came over on Friday evening with her man to install my long-awaited and much-anticipated shelves she designed especially for me (as a belated birthday present and early Christmas gift). They had become an absolute necessity since I had a couple of huge boxes and many precarious towers of books strewn all over my living-room, because what shelf-space I already have is already completely crammed. I had fun putting together this composite image from the pics I took on my iPhone while there was a bit of light to work with, but I’ll take better ones soon for K to put in her portfolio, since she’s taking off in her career as an architectural designer. It couldn’t decide whether I should put it on this blog or on createthreesixty5, so I decided to do a dual posting, with a slideshow on the other site (click here to watch).  It makes me wish I had taken pics while they were actually putting the shelves up, and that I could do an animation of the whole process in a more sophisticated way with the proper software, but the point of this post is to say a big thank you to Kim (and to M!), and to show off a little too. Kim made me even happier (if that was even possible at that point) when she decided my as-yet unfinished painting Study in Reds just had to go there. I’m thrilled I can now display a portion of my books and some of my artwork so beautifully in what is now beyond a doubt my favourite part of the house. Note to Kim: that blank wall on the other side of the room is waiting for your next shelf project—whenever you’re ready—no pressure or anything! ;-)


5 thoughts on “Things that make me very happy

    • I feel so lucky to have there! Function combined with beauty has always been something I look for and aspire to. It’s good to have friends who feel the same way too.

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