Truth in Advertising, Please!

I love this video, but all jokes aside, as an animal lover it also makes me cringe because it points to the fact that people all too often have completely unrealistic expectations of what life with a dog might be like, which is part of the reason why there are so many abandoned creatures to be found in shelters to begin with. If you’re thinking of getting a new pet this holiday season, whatever you do, please make sure you and your family are willing to do all the work required and most importantly, that you have time to devote to another living being. If you find that you don’t, do the responsible thing and buy an electronic gadget instead (hours of fun, zero work or commitment). But if you’re truly set on making it work, please adopt from a shelter; with so many animals left behind, you’re bound to find one that’ll steal your heart and perfectly fit your tastes and lifestyle.

Pass this on and help save lives!



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