Not Your Average Bag Lady

There’s no question that Julianne Moore is a beautiful woman and a great actress. It’s also obvious that this beautiful campaign for Bulgari accessories, published among other places in the pages of Vogue magazine, was inspired by classic paintings of the great masters, and I would venture specifically the famous Grande Odalisque by Ingres. But may I just say that the handbags render these images even more contrived than is the original inspiration? They’re the raison d’être of this campaign of course,
but I guess it goes to show that bag ladies, no matter how gorgeously nude, glamorous and chic, always end up looking… a little bit ridiculous (sorry Julianne.)

Photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


4 thoughts on “Not Your Average Bag Lady

    • I have to admit I did think about you specifically when I came up with this post as could imagine the exchange we’d have if we’d been sitting in the same room when we came across one of these ads… But speechless, really? Do tell me more! ;-)

  1. actually, apart from wondering what kind of monologue the woman could be having? I wondered if she got a discount on the bags, because of claw marks by the cubs and the cockatoos. You know me, the reverse snob: I’ll only consider a bargain Bulgari. ( xxx)

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