Diary of an artist in the making

I’m so excited; I just received The Redstone Diary 2011: The Artist’s World by Julian Rothenstein in the mail today (click the link to see inside). It’s more or less sold-out everywhere and I was lucky enough to get it from BookDepository.com before they ran out as well. Last year, I got A Russian Diary 2010: Russian Children’s Books 1920-1935. These are not mere diaries, they’re books in their own right and collector’s items; beautiful, often rarely seen images printed on high quality paper stock, and wonderfully designed. Just the thing to appeal to my artist/designer sensibilities. The Artist’s World features work, quotes, photographs and diary pages of such artists as Paul Klee, Frida Kahlo, Magritte, Pierre Bonnard, Kazimir Malevich, Kurt Schwitters, Louise Bourgeois and George Braque just to name a few, and the cover illustration is by one of my favourite illustrators of all time: Saul Steinberg. I’ve become a big fan of Redstone Press, U.K. publishers of these and many other wonderfully creative projects.

Speaking of which, as I was looking at Redstone’s back catalogue, I realized that a much-loved book called 130 Alphabets and Other Signs, purchased in the early 90’s when I was a design student, seems to have gone missing. Long out of print now, good copies are selling online at ridiculous prices. If anyone reading this happens to know where my book has gone to, please to return to owner. In the meantime, to make up for that void, I see no other option than getting the 2003 follow-up, ABZ: More Alphabets and other Signs. I’d best hurry before BookDepository run out of this one as well!


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