Art & Crafts (among my many other hobbies)

As I usually read in bed and tend to fall asleep well past midnight, it’s most unusual for me to rise before the sun, which is what happened this morning. I thought: “Great, now I have lots of time to work on arts & crafts projects before my watercolour class!” Then I came to the computer to check on my emails and read another chapter from my mother’s latest manuscript which is delightfully engrossing and which I pray will reach an intern or an agent smart enough to see what a gem it is and make sure it gets published (about high time for that small miracle to happen!) Then I donned my ski-wear and warm (recycled) fur hat and favourite cashmere mitts and took Coco across the street, and we chased each other up and down the snowy alley, my peals of laughter egging him on so that he practically fell over himself while running and simultaneously wagging his nub of a tail. I could swear he was grinning from ear to ear too. By then I must say I felt better than I have in a long long time. Taking in bright morning sunshine and air, and a loving and (almost disgustingly) cute little dog following you around will tend to have that sort of effect.

Coming back inside, I thought, Ah! L’embarras du choix! what project shall I work on now? Make another wax model for a ring to add to my new series? Draw that organic red onion that’s sprouted such large tentacles it’s now fit to be a circus freak? Start that series of paintings I’ve been thinking about for so long? Go back to bed? Blog about it all? Well, maybe you can guess which option I chose in the end. Still, I’m hoping I can get this post done quickly and still have time to paint and draw so I have something to put on the wall when I show up to class.

Here are a couple of quick snaps I took of my latest ring design—the first of that new series I just mentioned—even though there’s a bit of work left to do on it. I’m so happy with it, I decided to equip myself with the minimum of necessary tools so I can make wax models at home and not depend on classes to make more rings (don’t know to what end, but just the pleasure of making them is good enough for now!) I’ve taken a few photos of the step-by-step process too, which I’ll post on along with better photos once it’s all finished.

Silver rings & iPhone pics by Smiler (click to view full size)


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