A Cozy, Homey Boxing Day

Here’s a little photo gallery of pictures I took today (click on the thumbnails to view them full-size). I hadn’t seen my collection of Christmas decorations in quite a few years, and took them out just in time for my dad and I to enjoy them on Christmas day. We had Cherry Clafoutis which was quite delicious, followed by a gift exchange and then quiet time chatting while I played around with some paint. I gave him a framed watercolour (you can see it here), and I got a giant bar of Swiss chocolate to satisfy my chocolate cravings for quite some time, along with a couple of great books; Barney’s Version by Mordecai Richler, a born and bred Mile Ender who had plenty of admirers and detractors alike and who often said that one of his goals was to write at least one book that would
be read after his death. I’m sure his wish has been fulfilled many times over since his passing in 2001. As it happens, I’ve never read him and wanted to discover his writing through this very book. I don’t know if he ever wished for movie rights too, but the soon-to-be released movie version is coming out in theatres, probably in a week or two. I also got Super Sad True Love Story which came out to glowing reviews this year. It’s written by Gary Shteyngart, another author I’ve been wanting to read for some time now.

Of course I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my kidz too. I dressed up Coco as the gift he’s truly been, since this was our very first Christmas together. He put up with our little impromptu session without grumbling although I wouldn’t say he had a ball exactly. Mimi refused to pose for me altogether, a very rare occurrence, and Ezra was just being his grumpy old self, an occurrence which is not rare in the least.


14 thoughts on “A Cozy, Homey Boxing Day

  1. Hi Smiler, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    You are interesting, I love this article and the way you dressed up Coco!! Ha ha ha!! I like the way you love your prts, impressive!! Do enjoy and have a great new year!!

    • What a lovely comment Patience! I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I’ll stop by and catch up on the latest with you too. New Year seems like it’s moons away still, but I guess it’s just around the corner so wishing you all the best for 2011!

  2. You have a beautiful blog over here! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend! See you over on LT, as you make advances toward the coveted VIP status. :-}

    • Mark, thanks so much for dropping by, this is practically my second home (after the 75ers of course!) I’m waiting with bated breath to see if my SecretSanta got me a Huston book, but if not I’ll be sure to remedy to it asap!

    • That clafoutis was so good I practically devoured the whole thing all by myself! I’ll just have to make another one to use up all the cherries I bought on special this week!

  3. Hi Ilana, even your xmas tree is sophisticated and Coco looks so hugable , have a wonderfully creative year!! Kristyna

    • Thanks Kristyna. My ‘Christmas tree’ is actually a huge bundle of big branches that I got for a few dollars and put in several vases all over the house. As for Coco, huggable he certainly is, but I have such a blast seeing him run around in the snow that I’ll have to take up jogging just so I can get to watch him run his little paws off year-round, too cute!

      Wishing you the very same in terms of creative output and inspiration my dear! Always nice to have you visit. You’ll have to come by my real life place too sometime! xx

  4. I’m totally jealous of your blizzard Richard. I was sure it would come our way too but so far, Nada! Have to say it’s pretty funny for this born & bred Montrealer to have a Mordecai Richler book recommended by an American. I mean, I’ve actually walked up & down St-Urbain street and been to school with one of his kids but I’ve yet to read a single word the man has written.

    Coco says: “hey, I may look like a rat to you, but my fan club is bigger than your fan club, so there!”

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