Better to just look.

Sanderson: The Essence of English Decoration by Mary Schoeser ★★★★½

This book is visually stunning. Well designed and filled with top-quality photography, it helps that Sanderson’s archives of fabrics and wallpapers contains innumerable samples of patterns and designs representing the best of European decorative arts since 1860, when the company was founded by Arthur Sanderson. Very well documented, the text describes the evolution of this venerable English firm and contains a wealth of information about the many innovations which helped establish the firm as one of the leaders in the field. There is much to admire here, but the appeal of a story about the development of a wallpaper company, no matter how well researched, is limited for the average reader. This book was produced to mark Sanderson’s 150th anniversary and continued success, though sadly, Arthur Sanderson & Sons no longer exists today and has become yet another brand name with no ties to the family or local craftsmen and women who originally helped put the name on the map.


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