History Repeats Itself

Demonstrators standing on an army vehicle in Tahrir Square, Cairo. The sign reads: “Leave, you tyrant. Down with Mubarak.” Source: Wikipedia

Tahrir Square during the March of the Millions. Source: Wikipedia

The recent events in Egypt keeps bringing to mind Naguib Mahfouz’s Cairo Trilogy, which has somehow become more relevant than ever, as the first book describes what turned into violent revolts during the Egyptian Revolution of 1919 which at that time was against the British colonizers and ended with Egypt being granted independence. Now in the midst of the 2011 revolution his little bit from The NY Times puts forth a question I’m sure is on most people’s minds: “…the Egyptian Armed Forces issued a statement over state television and radio indicating that the military, not Mr. Mubarak, was in effective control of the country. It was unclear whether the military would take meaningful steps toward democracy or begin a military dictatorship.” As much as I hate to say it, between a military, or a religious extremist dictatorship, it’s hard to say which fate would be worse for the Egyptian people, their neighbours, and the rest of the world. Would that this situation be settled peacefully, and that democracy wins the day.


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