The Magical Mystical Tour

Want to commune with the great Renaissance Masters? Not planning a visit to Rome and Vatican City anytime soon? Here’s a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel completely free of charge. Just click and zoom in and out to take in the sights and soothing sounds.

Vatican City not really your thing? Still up for a blast from the past? Want a  rockin’ good time with the lads and a far-out soundtrack? Then The Beatles are waiting to take you away on their Magical Mystery Tour, and it’s just one click away!


3 thoughts on “The Magical Mystical Tour

  1. I saw the Sistene Chapel on a family holiday to Rome when I was a young teenager. My father and I were very impressed. My mother and my sister weren’t allowed in because they were both wearing shorts!

    • I can imagine they wouldn’t have approved of short on women in the least! I went with a friend of mine to a monastery in Crete once where they provided women with ugly skirts AND shawls! I even have a picture of that somewhere. We were both in a fit of hilarity over that one! Great to hear from you Nicholas!

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