Must be because they’re pink.

So after a crazy April weather day yesterday featuring rain, snow and hail (all at once!), today we’re being blessed with a more clement kind of day which permits walking about hatless and coatless and features beautiful sunny, cloudless skies. Still, I wasn’t feeling exactly awesome today (fatigued and feeling yucky inside and out), but Coco and I took the opportunity to walk over to Atwater Market, a large farmer’s market near my place, where I picked up bunches of flowers: pale parrot tulips and great big bunches of carnations (which I usually hate) in a variety of pinks and white. I really enjoyed fixing them into colourful bouquets and spreading them around the apartment. I don’t get flowers that often, but when I do, it always feels so deliciously decadent! The carnations look wonderful in my living room as you can see.


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