High Anxiety

I’m very shaken up tonight after taking Coco for his evening walk a couple of hours ago. There’s a small park right across from my place where many people bring their dogs; a man was playing catch with his huge Rottweiler and I unthinkingly decided to cross the park with Coco, without picking him up, since big dogs don’t scare me one bit. Thank God I at least had Coco on the leash this time, because that dog came at him like it was trying to mow him down and next thing you know, it had it’s giant mouth just an inch over Coco’s entire head. I completely panicked, screamed a deathly screech just like a real girl (my throat still hurts, that’s how loud it was), grabbed the leash and threw Coco into the air, spinning him ’round before I could grab him. Which was the wrong thing to do, I’m sure (poor thing), but I didn’t have time to bend down and pick him up in time, besides which, I would probably have lost my hand in the process. The man eventually came over to pull her away and tried telling me his dog was a sweetheart and would never have hurt my little guy, but I beg to differ. That was a very close call. That bitch would have chewed his head clear off in one swift motion a split-second later. I hate being one of these small dog people who are overprotective, but I’m not letting big dogs get near my little lamb ever again. Talk about high anxiety!


5 thoughts on “High Anxiety

  1. A different take on small vs big: Cybèle and minuscule baby pit bull, last night. The little…thing took a chomp at her shnozz. Cybèle looked at me. I looked at her. Baby pit bull slavered. Cybèle walked away, as dignified as she could manage. xxx

    • OMG, did Cybèle get hurt?!

      You know, I try really hard not to be prejudiced against certain breeds of dog, and it’s true that each dog is very different, but sometimes it’s really hard to stay neutral. I’ve never feared big dogs, and am not about to start to, but I’ll keep in mind that some of them see Coco as prey, or as a really nifty toy to throw up in the air and play catch with. Sheesh.

  2. So glad that Coco is okay and that you are. That must have been really scary. I can understand you being cautious in future, but not all big dogs are aggressive towards little dogs. Better safe than sorry though!

    • I’m not usually worried about big dogs, because lots of them are really laid back and not prone to hurt my little guy, but I think I’ll start exercising better judgment about those dogs that might present a danger. As we know, oftentimes (but not always of course), the problem is with the kind of owners who are drawn to those aggressive dogs because they see them as a status symbol. At least this guy actually apologized to me.

      But lets just say that I’m very grateful today that Coco is alive and in one piece…

  3. no; the little one was leashed and she pulled back when he lunged. The look said it all, though. “Do I give it to him?” it said. (The simple fact she asked meaning she thought better of it) :-)

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