Mattias Adolfson: First in Line

I discovered Mattias Adolfson’s blog a few years ago via the Moleskine Project blog (now replaced by to which I had posted a few entries. The general idea was to submit doodles and drawings done on Moleskine notebooks. Mattias was a regular there and his style and creativity just blew me away. I’ve since friended him on Facebook and got a notice a little while ago that he’d come out with a book called The First in Line. My first thought was “doesn’t he have a book out already?”, and then “I want it. Haven’t seen it yet, but it’s got to be good” but as I was occupied with something else at that moment, didn’t follow up right away—a sure bet I’ll completely forget about anything a second later.

Today I just got a notice again saying “Order my book before the 1 June and get it signed and doodled.” So I didn’t waste time and went to see what it was all about. And just as I thought, I must have this book. So off I go to get my own copy, signed and doodled. I really wish him well and hope the book ends up being a big hit. With talent like that, he sure deserves it. Here’s a preview:

Click here to get your own copy.

Header image: Mattias Adolfson, from First in Line book cover
Top image: Mattias Adolfson’s current blog header, by Mattias Adolfson
(I hope he won’t mind me using his illustrations for this post…)


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