Clay Soldiers and Korean BBQ


I had a really nice afternoon/evening with my dad today. I wanted to catch the exhibit of the Chinese Terracotta Army before it folds next week. It’s unbearably hot here this week, so I was glad to have suggested a visit to the fine arts museum; an indoor activity in a cool environment. The show was really interesting of course, though there were just a handful of soldiers and horses on display. I didn’t expect to see hundred of them or anything, and they did have several videos showing the sites were they were found to give an idea of the vastness of the enterprise, but I was hoping that there’d be a good grouping of them to get a notion of what it felt like to be confronted with a whole bunch of these giant figurines (2 meters high, or approx 6’6”). What made the exhibit especially fun for me was that I’d thought to bring a sketchbook & pencil and spent some time doing quick studies of some of the pieces I liked best. I should do that every time from now on. (I’ve quickly scanned some pages from my Moleskine to show here. Click on the thumbnails to view them larger.)

We were both ravenous afterward, so went to Bishop street where there are quite a few casual restaurants and a good selection of world cuisine. We decided to go for Korean BBQ, which neither of us had tried before. Our waitress didn’t speak much French nor English, and we were both a bit confused about what to order and how to eat various dishes and condiments, until a lady at the table next to ours came over and very nicely explained everything to us and suggested some dishes too. The BBQs are built into the tables, and you can order from a selection of meats and seafood and veggies, then grill them yourself to your liking. There were all kinds of interesting side dishes and yummy seasonings and we were both quite happy with our meal. I was glad that my dad liked it, because he usually eats at home and makes everything from scratch, including his own flat bread, and is quite strict about what he will and will not eat, so that was nice.



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