A perfect day for a torch song

It’s rainy and grey today. I recently created a playlist for myself which I whimsically called “New Frenchies”. Whimsical because while, yes, there are several recent releases and new-to-me French singers on it, I’ve also added other singers that just went with my mood that day. That’s when, I discovered Melody Gardot. For all I know, I may be the last person on earth to discover her, but no matter. It’s never too late for that sort of thing. Whatever your musical tastes happen to be, I think you’ll agree she has a great voice which speaks for itself. But when you know the story that led to her becoming a recording artist to begin with, well… it just add an extra layer of poignancy to the whole affair.

eta: Not crazy about the videos, but this song, I think, is one of my favourites by her:


5 thoughts on “A perfect day for a torch song

  1. ……….and now, I’ve discovered Melody Gardot! Thank you…I had never heard of her…never mind actually heard….Such a lovely, smooooth voice…veddy sultry!


    • Oh goody… I’m glad she’s new to you too. I just discovered her a couple of weeks ago and she quite took my breath away. I find the video *just a tad* tacky, but it’s in keeping with the style I guess. I’ve gotten a bunch of her songs via iTunes (which is where I discovered her to begin with.)

    • That sounds wonderful. I’m mean the after part. Was the scrubbing in the current or upcoming place? I’m really excited from afar about your new digs, in case you don’t know yet. xoxo

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