All The Beautiful Girls

A couple of my favourite songs from the recently released album, 101, by one of my most beloved “French” singer/songwriters, Keren Ann.


2 thoughts on “All The Beautiful Girls

  1. Actually, I am familiar with Keren Ann….they play her quite often on my local NPR station. I also love Madeleine Peyroux…especially her first CD (which title escapes me…)…..never mind that people say she sounds like Billie Holiday (she does, a bit…but just)…..and fellow Canadian Holly Cole can do justice to the Old Standards (albeit with a certain “attitude”).


    • I absolutely LOVE Keren Ann. Maybe I identify with her because she’s also got an Israeli background and is quite the world citizen. And so talented. I have all her albums too, which is quite rare for me.

      Madeleine Peyroux is great too, and yes, very reminiscent of good ol’ Billie, which ain’t a bad thing, no. Holly Cole I’m less familiar with, but I should check her out because I’ve heard her here and there and quite liked. Glad you didn’t name that ‘other’ French Canadian diva. I just find her repulsive, no matter how great her voice is. There’s another Canadian diva I’m also glad you didn’t mention. I had a run-in with her ‘people’ when I had to do a magazine cover with her photo and she’s… yeah, a real diva. Ugh. Better to listen to them sing and not have anything else to do with ’em! ;-)

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