Back from MRI. All went fine. The technicians, who were young and rather cute, were really nice and did everything they could to put me at ease. Once in the giant machine, I just imagined myself scuba diving and practiced a few other relaxation techniques I’ve learned and used over the years. I very nearly dozed off, in fact. Near the end my fingers went numb, and the numbness spread up my arm, and because I didn’t know it was ok to move my fingers around (they did say “try not to move”), I had them interrupt the scan so I could move my hand a bit. I think that annoyed them, but they DID say to squeeze the gizmo if something came up. No biggie.

Halfway through the 30 or so minute scan, I remembered that a singer/songwriter I quite like, Charlotte Gainsbourg, called her last album MRI (IRM in French) because after a serious accident, she had to undergo countless MRI tests and she wanted to incorporate some of the sounds the machine makes into her music. Kind of experimental, but interesting. Here’s a YouTube non-video (i.e. just the song, straight up):


I also quite like this short interview:

And because good things come in threes, here’s a song from her previous album, 5:55 that I quite like:


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