Ok. Yes. I’m an addict.

Nuts. I went a bit nuts. Over a book of course. Ever since a LibraryThing friend posted the following video on her thread (which I promptly posted on this blog), which reminded me how much I love illustrator Benjamin Lacombe‘s work, I’ve been obsessed with the pop-up book, yes*, but, also with another recent project of his; an illustrated version of Snow White, which so far only exists in the original French edition as Blanche Neige. I think I obsessed over the latter more for the very simple reason that it was *hard to get* as not available on the local Amazon or comparative sites, and instead of giving further consideration to other merchants, like an idiot, I went and ordered it on Amazon.fr (France) since the price with shipping seemingly came out to the same as that of the other vendors. Or so I thought. Well it came in two days later via UPS, of course I got hit with duty charges on top of everything, which of course, I was not expecting in the least. Argh. But no matter. The book is gorgeous to behold, large, and extremely well printed on beautiful quality paper. I’ll be posting about it and showing plenty of visuals when I review it, but in the meantime, here’s the cover image just to give you a little nibble:

* now that I’ve reminded myself of the pop-up again, which has been sitting in my Amazon cart ever since that damn video, I’ll have to go and buy it. After all, my birthday is coming up very soon, so I should double treat myself, right? The only thing holding me back is that of course it won’t be the same experience as what we see in the video AT ALL;  No animated little bunny trotting about; No flurry of butterflies as I turn the pages; No sound effects with crackling thunder…

although if the weather cooperates… I wonder…


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