(good) News

Yesterday, met with my neurologist Dr. Aubé who had all my test results from the MRI and both ECG tests we did, and he said everything looked in perfect order. He even showed me my MRI images on the computer, and it was neat seeing my own brain from all these different angles in cross sections. So there we have it. I was not surprised that everything looked normal, but now it’s officially confirmed. He said the seizure I had last summer was probably a side effect of my general migraine condition which can cause all kinds of strange events (it seems there is a general consensus among the medical establishment that Joan of Arc suffered from migraines too, which were probably responsible for her visions and whatnot, as were St-Paul and a bunch of others. Not to say that I’m anything like Joan of Arc or likely to ever be canonized, Lord should know.). As Dr. A is one of the most respected neurologist in the city (every other doctor or specialist I’ve ever talked to nods respectfully at the mention of his name), I’ll take his word for it.

Don’t know if this is related to the above or not, but I’m feeling much better today after a night of restorative and restful sleep. This had not been the case the last week or so, when I was waking up at all hours in a state of abject terror. For some reason, the only thing that seemed to calm me down was a good dose of sweets, like, oh, say… Lemon Häagen-Dazs half-fat ice cream with Sarah Lee freezer chocolate chip cheesecake and slices of fresh strawberries, all eaten out of the ice cream carton. Somehow, I happened to have all that on hand, which was a good thing too, since it seems a good hearty dose of sugar and half-fat therapy was just what was needed to soothe my frayed nerves.

My lovely friend K is coming over shortly. We’re getting pedicures together, which I had suggested we do on my b-day as a girlie outing for both of us. She’s never had one before, which makes it extra special. She just called me now and told me she had a surprise for me. One of my absolute favourites she said, which, at this time of year, can only be one of her amazingly fabulous and incredibly delectable strawberry shortcakes, a specialty my mum used to make for me too. What more can a 27-year-old* girl ask for?

* My official age since 1996. ;-)

2 thoughts on “(good) News

    • Just stuffed myself to the gills with strawberry shortcake. It’s a wonder there’s any left at all. Now why is it that it tastes so familiar? ;-)

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