Meet: Mouse

I’ve been seriously considering renaming my little Coco since Saturday, when he got shorn for the rest of the summer. I forget just how tiny he is when he grows his big teddy bear coat and now he seems so small I just can’t stop cooing. Can be annoying, I’m sure, which is why it’s nice to have all that one-on-one time with him, that way everyone’s happy, especially Coco who just loves having attention lavished on him. I took a bunch of pics today, so here’s a little slideshow. For some reason, as soon as I take out any camera-like tool, he does this funny squinty thing with his eyes. Too bad because they’re big and brown and beautiful and you’ll just have to take my word for it!

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6 thoughts on “Meet: Mouse

  1. When i was in College…my roommate, Jill…had a full-sized poodle…her name was Nigel…it would take us a day to shear her…OY!…..but, she was happy,

    Coco is such a sweetheart…..i think because he has such a good Mum

    I like the frame where his tongue is hanging out…did Ilana maybe have a treat for him?


    • I don’t know that I’m such a great mum Jude, but I can assure you he came to me fully formed as the adorable little creature he is.

      I can believe you it took you guys a whole day to shear a full-sized poodle. I tried shearing Coco a few months after I got him and it took me two three-hour sessions to get the job done. Never again. Or else, I need to get a clipper.

      Sorry it took me this long to answer you comment. I just now noticed I hadn’t replied to you before. Better late than never they say!

    • Because I adopted Coco after he was found as a stray, I don’t know very much about him, other than he’s a toy poodle mix. It’s anyone’s guess what he’s mixed with. Maybe an ewok?

  2. He looks like my “Teddy”….a chocolate brown poodle who I loved very much! (Except the ears…lol!) I was told he was a toy when I bought him but he kept growing and growing…into a miniature, which is much bigger! They are such precious little creatures from God, who love us unconditionally…true “angels”!! God Bless your little Coco. Love him with all your heart (and it sounds like you do) for they are with us for such a short time.

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