An Update (long overdue)

The clouds have lifted. I also managed to spend a couple of days away from the computer this week. I’m trying to wean myself off a little because one of my art classes (watercolours) is starting on Monday, then I have a full day painting class starting a couple of weeks from now and of course I’ll also have assignments to do at home, so won’t be able to spend so much time on LT chatting about life and books (mostly in that order). It’s about time I got started on art classes again though, because I haven’t worked on any art projects at all in the last couple of months, something I’m not particularly proud of, though I did get lots of interesting reading done (will post reviews shortly).

Thursday, after my last of three short gigs for a World Vision fund drive at the hospital to help children and communities in the Horn of Africa, I had a chat with volunteer services about the possibility of a regular commitment which would allow to work more closely with patients. Since I haven’t heard anything at all from the Allan Institute about the “artist in residence” position, I may as well put my volunteering training to use some other way. To think that just a few years ago I had panic attacks in hospitals and was phobic about germs or getting near sick people… Nothing is decided yet, and I’ll wait to start my classes before taking on anything else, but it’s in the works.

I spent a lovely day with Kimmy on Wednesday. We went to see The Help and both liked it a lot. I thought the movie was true to the novel, but the audiobook was so amazingly well executed that I’d still pick the latter if I had to choose. Only thing is, K wanted to go shopping beforehand. A dangerous activity for me since I’m a compulsive spender, so it’s much like an alcoholic going to a bar… just asking for trouble. Since we have very similar tastes and went to stores we both liked, she had to constantly tell me to put things down and walk away. At Club Monaco (my former Friday evening after-work weekly binge), there were a couple of printed silk scarves—the kind of accessories that can transform a wardrobe, as good accessories can, and some basic t-shirts (a staple for me) which were so soft I was practically drooling. In another store, I became fixated on a pair of canary yellow Hunter Wellies… I love rubber boots and own one pair already but have wanted yellow ones for ages for a cheerful note on gloomy days. Kimmy talked me out of all of it (there was much more of course!), but I knew I’d be on St-Catherine street again on Thursday after the hospital gig to return a book, and of course I got into trouble and spent like mad. Now I’ll have to return most of it because I truly can’t afford it. But no, still didn’t get the yellow Wellingtons.

I DID get a gorgeous copy of Around the World in Eighty Days, a large hardcover French edition richly illustrated with original 19th Century photographs. It was priced at $19.99 and I was thrilled when I checked on Amazon later and saw they were selling it at… $79.99. I had borrowed a much used copy of AtWiED from the library this summer and returned it not having found time to read it, so that’s one more for the ever-growing and beyond overflowing TBR (To Be Read) pile.


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