Let’s Do a Bookish Lunch!

Am off to a luncheon get-together with a new group, the Montreal Book Bloggers in just a few minutes. There should be about fourteen of us in attendance. I was quite surprised when I was invited to join in because: 1. I didn’t think anyone actually read my blog, other than my mum and dad and the occasional passer-by, and 2. While I do blog about books quite often, I would definitely not say this is exactly a book blog. The cool thing is we’ve organized a book trade and we’ll all be going home with a new pile of books. Neat eh? As if I needed more books at this point; I’ve long ago run out of space for them, but that’s hardly relevant for a book lover…


12 thoughts on “Let’s Do a Bookish Lunch!

    • Jonas! Your comments always make me smile.

      I guess I have a hard time believing anyone would want keep up with me and my nonsense, especially since I’ve not been quite as assiduous about my blog in the past couple of years as I was in the beginning.

      It’s good to know you’re here and reading. I am duly humbled. And thankful.

      xx i.

  1. Oh yes, I love Jonas´s comment too!! I have quite a collection of books I would like to buy and read ans all these I have quoted the titles from your blog. Just because we never comment back, that does not mean we never read your blog. I am your die hard fan!!

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