My mum sent me the above image link today, which I of course hurriedly followed up on. They have a beautiful selection of children’s and young adult illustrated books; their French byline translates to “Illustrated literature for children, or all those who have been children”. This publishing house based in France has a mandate to promote multiculturalism and as such, pairs Chinese texts and stories with French illustrators in the creation of their titles. I was pleased to discover that I had already picked up one of their books, a sublime affair illustrated by Agata Kawa, called Tigre le dévoué (The Devoted Tiger). You’ll find my short review and some image samples below. I’ve now reserved another one of their titles which I found at the library called Yin la jalouse (Jealous Yin), which will be an introduction for me to the work of illustrator Bobi + Bobi; click on the links to have a look at their sites, which are brimming with wonderful examples of their work.

Tigre le Dévoué by Shen Qifeng
illustrated by Agata Kawa ★★★★
(This book was originally read for Children’s & YA July… in August)

Based on an 18th century classic Chinese story by Shen Qifeng, this illustrated volume tells the story of the beautiful and young Xiaoying (Spring Flower), who’s good looks, personality and education should have led to a good marriage. But when her father is unjustly imprisoned and dies in captivity, she vows that she will marry whoever avenges him. When a tiger does the deed and asks for his reward, the girl fears him at first, but true to her word, the lovely Xiaoying finds she cannot refuse him as her companion. A beautiful love story, and the gorgeous illustrations by Agata Kawa truly bring a touch of multiculturalism, with her signature art nouveau styling throughout. (click on cover & images to view larger)


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