An Afternoon with Marsh, Sayers & Albertus Seba

A spread from Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

Not much to report today, actually, but I thought it might be nice to give signs of life. I’ve been exhausted all week and sleeping unseemly hours. My dad phones for my pre-arranged wake-up call in the morning, I thank him and say I’ll be right up, fully intending to do so, but then am dragged under and go back to sleep till the middle of the afternoon, which means I’ve hardly seen any daylight. I’d say ‘please don’t tell him’, only he reads this blog and I would have told him sooner or later anyway. I’m sure it’s just a passing thing and soon enough I’ll have overdosed on sleep and be up before the sun. Or so I (sort of) hope.

I plowed through my first Ngaio Marsh mystery, Artists in Crime, which was admittedly very short, only to discover, to my dismay that I had gotten an abridgement by mistake. Darn! And how I do scrupulously try to avoid those silly things. Truth be told, I found the story so convoluted and hard to follow that I’m not sure I’d have wanted to stick to it for that much longer. For all I know, maybe it was confusing precisely because it was abridged; I guess I’ll never know. I’m not letting that influence my opinion on this new-to-me author and contemporary of Agatha Christie known for her very own darker style; I’ve got Overture to Death in my audio library to look forward to.

Another audiobook I plowed through today was Whose Body? by another Mistress of Crime, Dorothy L. Sayers, who is also a new discovery for me. I was plugged into the amusing evah-so-English Lord Peter Wimsey mystery most of the afternoon and evening and kept listening as I started a drawing and nearly finished it in watercolours. It’s a piece I’m doing for the Visual Arts Centre, where I take my art classes. They’re having a gala event where they’ll be selling art donated by the more advanced students and professional artist, the profits of which will go to the school, which is a not for profit organization. I put off the project practically till the last-minute (big surprise!), as we have to hand-in our finished pieces on Monday, but I intend to make two more versions over the weekend and choose the best of the three. In case the piece doesn’t sell and I get to keep it, I’ve done a watercolour which fits into a series I started based on Albertus Seba‘s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities (1734-1765), a book which I acquired recently for the purposes of this project and which is an absolute treasure-trove of visual inspiration. I’ve taken some photos of the previous pieces I’ve worked on and will photograph this new batch to include in a post I’ll put together some time this week to put on my art blog.



3 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Marsh, Sayers & Albertus Seba

  1. all i want to know after reading this post is ….. where’s that watercolour you were working on whilst listening to this Lord Peter Wimsey mystery??? (so i guess yous mission is completed ;-)

    • Marilou, I took some picture of the watercolours I worked on and will be posting them, along with the rest of the series in progress, some time this week (on the other site of course). xx

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