Inspiration of the Day: Dahlov Ipcar

Above: Dahlov IpcarFour Greyhounds, 20″ X 35″ Oil on Canvas, 2004

She might be new to me, but Dahlov Ipcar has been at it for a long time. As her wikipedia page states: “In 1939 at the age of 21, [Dahlov Ipcar] had her first solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, called Creative Growth, the first of many solo shows over the next forty years.” I have my friend Claudia from LibraryThing to thank for introducing me to this artist’s work. Claudia, being a resident of Maine, as is Ipcar, says her work is ubiquitous in that state and has admired her paintings for a long time. Now 94, Ipcar is still as dedicated to her work as ever. As stated in a Bangor Daily News article: “It’s a rare morning if Dahlov Ipcar has not had a chance to paint. After all, that’s how Ipcar usually starts her days.” The article goes on to point out that many of the 30 children’s books she has written and illustrated during her career have been re-released in recent years. A retrospective of her work, called The Art of Dahlov Ipcar was also published in 2010 (click on the link to see previews). For those of us getting a bit (or a lot) of a late start in life as artists, it’s encouraging to know it’s never too late…

Jaguar and Toucans, Oil on Linen 24″ X 40″,  2008

Above: Children’s books

World Full of Horses, 1955

Above: taken from the artist’s web page The World of Dahlov Ipcar.


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