Did someone say it was easy?

I’ve just spent the last couple of hours working on Easter eggs. I should say ONE Easter egg. I posted the following here yesterday, and thought it would be fun to go ahead and do some of those doodle eggs as an art project. Usually I don’t bother to empty the eggs and just boil them, but I decided to do it right this time. Broke nearly more eggs than I managed to rescue in the process (organic ones too, though they were past due, so it wasn’t too bad!), but I managed to get a half-dozen empty and cleaned out since yesterday, and then spent nearly the full two hours working on that ONE egg just now. Actually, I’d started on a first egg and badly broke it when I had covered a good half of it—rats! A light touch is what’s wanted here. I’ll be sure to show results when I’ve got them all done to my satisfaction.

Here are Alisa Burke’s eggs, which made me want to try it out for myself:
 I’m sure mine will come out looking very different, but aren’t these pretty?


2 thoughts on “Did someone say it was easy?

    • Unfortunately no. We took the easy route that time and just boiled the eggs, so of course they wouldn’t keep. Also, I was determined that that batch was just going to be a a first try and that I’d try sourcing my own silk ties to practice on more eggs, but that project sort of fell through the cracks. Still, I do want to make more of them some time because the results were really lots of fun. I’m glad I took lots of pictures though!

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