Today’s Inspiration: Huguette Caland

133x86cm, mixed media on canvas, 2008

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, 1931, Huguette Caland is the only daughter of the first president of the Republic of Lebanon. She began painting at the age of 16 under the private tutelage of Fernando Manetti, an Italian artist who resided in Lebanon. She then studied art at the American University of Beirut, lived in Paris for 17 years, and spent some time working in New York.  Huguette eventually settled in Venice, California in 1987 where she currently lives and works. (From huguette caland, found by way of hakutou garden)

These two paintings speak to me. They also make me think of some of my favourite paintings by Paul Klee, who is another endless source of inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Inspiration: Huguette Caland

    • Our watercolours teacher also obviously loves Klee. She’s given us several exercises based on some of Klee’s work over the past few years. I can’t say I’m fond of ALL his work as he did have a very big range. He had such a great way with colour! I just got a book: Paul Klee: Selected by Genius, 1917-1933, considered to be his most prolific years.

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