Beware the Crazy Woman

My first watercolour class of the session was today and it was… interesting. It’s a full class, whereas last term we had a very small group, so I needed to adjust to having so many people there. This one woman showed up and her appearance dismayed several of those who had had the bad luck of having her as a classmate before. She criticizes absolutely everything in a very loud, strident voice, when she’s barely even gotten through the door. I’ve had words with her in the past, so I have to really keep my temper and attitude in check because she has a way of driving me crazy. She thinks nothing of putting down a person’s work, which is completely unacceptable behaviour in this school, where they really strive to create a nurturing environment. But then—anybody who thinks they don’t have artistic talent? should see this woman’s work. This woman apparently thinks she has a gift though. The stuff she showed today literally made me feel sick. Yes, that bad. The teacher usually finds the loveliest things to say about everybody’s work—it’s a real talent she has—no matter how much or how little talent a person has, and she was more or less rendered speechless, along with everyone else. She pleaded the fifth after class when I asked her about it, and that told me everything I needed to know.

I’m usually exhausted after class and today was so completely depleted I considered taking a taxi home because was also in very low in spirits. I wanted to avoid taking the metro because every single time I’ve taken the metro during rush hour I’ve ended up in an altercation with someone who was either pushing me or being equally offensive. But I decided I shouldn’t spend money on a cab and headed for the subway. The station I get off at next to my home happens to be a major hub with many bus lines headed to various parts of the city, so people are always in a panic to get to their buses on time. Hence, that much more opportunity for people to behave in unspeakably rude ways. I’m not at all proud to say it, but I can have a terrible temper and don’t react well to rudeness. In fact, it’s very ironic because when someone is rude to me I tend to lose all self-control and become ten times as bad. This man today, reasonably well dressed, office-type person, apparently found I wasn’t walking up the escalator fast enough. He first put out his arms and pushed me up, then tried shouldering me to push me aside. This while I was walking up at a brisk pace, too.

I… exploded. You know when you see someone making a terrible scene out in public that makes everyone cringe and look away because it’s so embarrassing, and you wonder where that person’s self-respect can be? Well I was that person. After I picked myself up from a muddy puddle, I walked over to my home feeling very upset, mostly with myself. When I got there, I found my cat Ezra had peed on the kitchen floor and pooped outside the litter box too, again.

He’s still alive. Nothing broken. Still purrs when I pet him. That’s all I’ll say about it. Me? I think I’m still in one piece, but I’m not exactly sure.


9 thoughts on “Beware the Crazy Woman

  1. As i feel very much for your distractions of the day , i wish and hope you will have more
    peacful days to come…XX

    • Hopefully you’re right. But he gave me the impression he was the type of person who wouldn’t question his own behaviour too much. I do believe I gave him a good scare though!

  2. Cheer up sweetie we are not all as obnoxious and without manners as the jerk on the subway – please don’t come to Malaysia and Singapore and use what they call the MRT/LRT here. No queues, the doors open and it is a free for all – try to imagine if you may a pregnant SWMBO catching someone with an elbow as they tried to force themselves aboard without waiting for her to dismount – a trip to the dentist for the guy I am sure. If you arrive here my fellow Azmi will transport you nicely through the crowds and he never says a word (literally). If I thought he would find his way I’d dispatch him over to you for a while to ferry you back from art class but I’m worried then you might have two of them peeing on the carpet!

    • Oh gosh, I WISH I could have my own Azmi here Paul. Would save me from getting into all kinds of trouble. Me and public transit are not a good combo. I smiled wide at the thought of s pregnant SWMBO elbowing a guy hard enough to warrant a trip to the dentist. Good for her!

  3. Oh Ilana i hear you . Not only do i feel like drinking when i come home after said class, but 8 tubes of expensive PrimaTek watercolors diappeared from my work table!!!!!!about 25 bucks a tube!!!!can’t afford to replace them right now.Very sad indeed. Your Metro experience was dreadful…A horrible end to the day

    • Are you saying someone took the paints at the school? You should ask our teacher about it and maybe if she doesn’t have them she could ask the class at large? How horrible for you. Hopefully they were just misplaced. I’ve seriously considered changing over the the Tues. evening class, but would feel bad to leave you and my old friend L. behind… unless we all switch together? All this because of one obnoxious woman!

      • Would love to switch to tuesday,but do not want to jeopardize my med schedule .would do so if we could all make the switch together. am sure L wouldn’t be able to.

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