A good day is a day without pain

No connection to this post, but a preview of something I've been working on for a good long while—that's my dad visiting at last year's student show.

My latest bout of the blues was set off by a night spent fighting the bedclothes, and insomnia always leaves me feeling very sick the next day. So I took a “sick day” today and slept till I could sleep no more and feel better for it now. This means I missed my art class, but I don’t even feel badly about it, though I should, I guess. All I know is I didn’t want to be in the same room as that irritating woman. My bruises from last week have gone from blue to greenish-yellow and cover a good portion of my upper and lower right arm as graphic reminders of just how badly I handle stress.

I took advantage of some sunshine on a nice walk with Coco. As an accompaniment to my walk, I started listening to the audio of The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye, which is set in New York city in the mid-1840s, when two major events changed the city; a huge wave of Irish immigrants coming in with the Potato Famine and the creation of an organized police force. It’s told from the point of view of a young man more or less forced into becoming a policeman following tragic circumstances. So far enjoying it quite a bit.

I’m feeling better today, at least on the physical front, and though I can’t say I’ve accomplished anything so far, this doesn’t seem like as big a deal as it did yesterday. But a day without suffering is a good day as far as I’m concerned. So my haiku for today would be… let’s see…

Well rested, no pain
Could have been more creative—
Good enough for now.


4 thoughts on “A good day is a day without pain

  1. Good thing , that you are rested and feel physically better .
    Creativity is always around the corner , and nothing is missed.
    Zeev xx

  2. sorry to hear that you struggle with ‘negative’ emotions to an extend that it keeps you up at night …. but at the same time i find it rather interesting to read about your experiences and thoughts about this, so: thanks for sharing love!
    In my original reply – that got lost while doing 2 things at once – i wrote a lot more about how frustrating it can be when ‘no good’ people have the power to get to you and you don’t seem to be able to recover the tools (everyone most certainly has, somewhere) to get writ of them, once and for all. And that I think it has something to do with an old patern you’re not aware of, or cannot believe cause it seems so absolutely ridiculous to feel that way.

    By the way: in this photo i recognize your father as the young man he was when we met, in Eilat. (Must be because of the way he holds his head, or something else non-verbale communicative.) Thanks for posting it, it was fun finding myself back in time for a while!

    • Aha! Good question!

      The correct answer would be: none of them.

      You’ll just have to wait till I put up that post! Mind you, you’ve already seen the image in question, since I posted it on C365, but I’ll post it again in context. xx

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