Volume and Roundness: Inspiration

Naked Woman on a Sofa, Lucian Freud (1985)

Our first project in our figure and portrait paining class was about creating volume and representing the roundness of the human body using various techniques. For inspiration, the teacher showed slides of nudes by Picasso, Botero, Lucian Freud, Giacometti’s paintings and sculptures, and more sculptures by Henry Moore (click on the images below to view the gallery). We spent 4 weeks on this project, during which we covered different aspects of painting, including composition and colour mixing, working first on a small sketch, then on a large canvas with the same model in the same pose, for a full 18 hours working with our model Julie. I’ve show the various steps of the project on createthreesixty5.com.


2 thoughts on “Volume and Roundness: Inspiration

  1. Came to your blog via your comments to Jonas. The Lucian Freud paintings are wonderful, I can never see too much of his work. You seem to be working seriously at painting, very good luck with it, that sounds like a very helpful class.

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